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Adventuring: How we do what we do!

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

So, your kitty is comfortable in their harness and you've got a backpack they can sense as their "safe space" and you're ready to head outside! You're wondering what to pack and Aries and I are excited to share our list with you!

Table of Contents:

Packing List

Additional things to pack, as needed:

Event-specific items


Packing list:

Aries and I use a Petami Catpack and as you might remember from our Product Review on Catpacks, we transitioned to this bag for it's ability to carry more water than our previous bag. We live in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, water is incredibly important to us. (Similarly, whatever region you live in will play a large factor in what you pack!)

In our bag, we have a few things that we always keep packed and ready to go:

We keep these things in the pockets of the backpack at all times making it a great "go bag", especially if we ever were to have an emergency and have to run out of the house.

Additional things to pack, as needed:

  • External battery (once, my phone died on a trail and since I hike alone this was very stressful)

  • Snacks for oneself (if it's a long, exerting hike)

  • Hat/Sunglasses/Chapstick

  • Safety whistle/Pepper Spray (as a solo adventurer, this is important!)

  • A pen for when we find a geocache! (Another fun thing to do with your adventure cat!)

Event-specific items

We also have Event-specific items such as, biking gloves, helmet, hammock, disc golf discs, etc. and seasonal items that we pack. In the heat of the summer, we pack a small fan/mister and extra water. In the winters, well. . . it's still 60 degrees in Arizona so, nothing really changes for us. But if we go anywhere that might be snowy or rainy we pack a sweater or rain coat.

At the end of the day, keep some of your necessities ready to go whenever needed and pack other things as it comes up. It's all a learning process so, as you adventure more, you'll recognize more/different things to pack!

As always, happy adventuring and be sure to stay safe!

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