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Camping Cat

Camping is one of the most fun ways to get outside and it's even more fun with a furrfriend! Aries and I went camping up in Northern Arizona a few weeks ago and had an incredible time. Read on to find tips and tricks for camping with your feline friend!

Table of Contents:
Cat Camping 101
Gear List
Live Stream & Transcription

Cat Camping 101

Recommended Adventure Cat Skills

  • Comfortable wearing a harness

  • Able to use the bathroom outdoors (in a litter box or in nature)

  • Happy and content with sitting and being outside

  • Recall trained: comes when called

Campsite Catiquette

  • Use a long rope tether to allow freedom to explore the camp site while still staying safely connect to a tree or picnic table.

  • Leave the tent door slightly/fully open so your feline friend can easily take shelter in the tent, if they become nervous or spooked.

  • Place food and water bowls in one location so that your feline friend knows where to access it.

  • Bring a familiar blanket and toy for comfort and fun!


  • Bring a travel litter box and some biodegradable litter, such as Naturally Fresh Kitty Litter. Alternatively, some cats are comfortable using the great outdoors.

  • To preventive nighttime bathroom runs or accidents, plan to feed with enough time for food to move and allow your feline friend to use the bathroom (3-4 hrs before bed)

  • Have a nook or two in the tent so the kitty feels comfortable with multiple sleeping options. Highly recommend the Meowfia Cat Cave. It is made of wool which acts as an insulating material that radiates your cats body heat back to them.

Extra Tips

  • Trim claws prior to the trip to prevent any accidental rips, tears, or scratches.

  • To a "practice" run of the camping trip: set up your tent at home or in the backyard, let your feline friend explore it.

  • Go to a campsite you are familiar/comfortable with + pick a more secluded campsite.

  • Always have a backup . . . . (harness, leash, plan, etc.)


Gear List

(everything I packed for Aries)

Rabbitgoo Harness

PetAmi Backpack

Kylo Ren Hands-free leash

Long Rope Tether

Pet First-Aid Kit

Pet Corrector

Meowfia Cat Cave

Collapsible bowl



Tiny Tent

Lucy&Co. Lets Adventure Teddy Vest

Stella&Chewy's Assorted Food

Tickless (use, "thehikelifecat15" for 15% off)

Head-lites (LED collar)

Puplid matching hat set

Omega+ Salmon Cat Treats

Disclaimer: This list will most likely change and grow as we continue camping and learning about what we need/don't need and what works best for us!


Live Stream & Transcription

All righty. It looks like we are live. Um, perfect. Okay. Hey buddy, can you just sit still for one second? Say hello to everybody just for a second. Hi everybody. Uh, thank you so much for joining our live today. We're so excited to talk to you about our most recent camping adventure. And before we begin, we just wanted to talk a little bit about this specific live. . .

Read more:

Camping with a cat can be such a rewarding experience, but may seem daunting at first. We hope this blog helped temper any of your worries or fears but if you have more questions, feel free to email us at and we would be more than happy to chat with you, personally!

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