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Being in the depths of shedding season and at the brink of flea/tick season, we wanted to answer our most FAQ about grooming and health care while sharing some of our favorite ways for staying in tip-top shape!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a vet and this blog post is not to be used as a substitute for seeking appropriate health care for your pet. If your pet shows signs of stress (I.e vomiting, diarrhea, extreme drowsiness, or any other signs outside of their regular character) please contact your vet immediately.

Our FAQ:

"How do you keep Aries coat in such great condition, especially considering the fact that Aries adventures outside regularly and enjoys rolling in the dirt?"

We started using pet wipes when Aries was about 6 months old. He would run around outside and come back a dusty brown color instead of his usual beautiful black shade! Initially, we used baby wipes or other gentle wipe products but quickly discovered pet wipes. At the time, we were fairly uninformed and bought some Lavender-scented pet wipes (for dogs) and assumed they would be safe for Aries to use. While he did not have any obvious or harmful reaction, we later learned that lavender is toxic to cats (source) and quickly got rid of those wipes. We have since begun using FURBLISS® HYGIENIC GROOMING PET WIPES because It contains Deoplex, an enzymatic natural deodorizer (Deoplex is created by the fermentation of natural sugar cane. It is natural, safe, non-toxic, and is sustainably plant-based!) Furbliss is also hypoallergenic and contains vitamin E.

In conjunction to wipes, regular brushing is important for a healthy coat. We have lots and lots of brushes. Our first brush was a gift from a relative and it was one that collects the fur and then you press a button and it pumps that hair off the brush into the trash. This is very useful for brushing cats indoors, where you don't want fur getting everywhere, but it was challenging to have to regularly stop because the brush was at capacity and the button wasn't always strong enough to get all the hair off and we'd have to pick some of it off by hand. After trying the FURBLISS® pet wipes, we decided to try their brush, too. It caught our attention that they have two brush options, one designed for short-hair and another for long-hair. We appreciated the fact that they were designed with consideration to fur type! We got the FURBLISS® - BLUE BRUSH FOR PETS WITH SHORT HAIR and have loved the results! We use it outside so because there is so much fur released and it has really helped us keep his shedding under control!

Aries gets dirt EVERYWHERE. Including his adorable little ears. OTICBLISS™ ADVANCED CLEANING EAR WIPES is perfect for removing dirt gently, while using Aloe to soothe and support the skin of the ear! It also helps reduce ear wax, if your kitty has that issue.

"Does Aries need to have his paws cleaned after being outside?"

Because we adventure outside regularly, we keep Aries claws trimmed. Trimming claws is beneficial to both you and your cat! (source) Have you ever broken or ripped a nail off? A similar thing can happen to your cat if those nail tips aren't kept trimmed. Nails can catch on things and get ripped, cracked, or broken. A very painful experience! An overgrown nail can also cause damage to your cats paw pad and lead to infection! We use a generic nail trimmer and most nail trimmers sold in pet stores are safe and easy to use!

While trimming his claws, we also check for any cuts, cracks, or bacteria on his paw pads! (source) Using DERMABLISS™ ANTI-BACTERIAL & ANTI-FUNGAL WIPES we were able to get rid an itch to one of Aries paws. It reduced his irritated skin and provided relief with Aloe. They are also great for treating ringworm, and hot spots!

We also regularly use paw butter to make sure his paw pads are well moisturized. This helps prevent any cracking or stiffness that can cause pain and reduced mobility. We currently use this Paw Butter but have known many other wonderful paw moisturizers that help kitties keep on walking!

"How do you deal with fleas and ticks?"

Well, for starters, we do everything we can to prevent having fleas or ticks. In the past, we have tried both the generic flea collar and the topical flea and tick treatment. We struggled combating fleas a year ago and even tried several flea and tick baths. Once we finally defeated them we decided we had to find something different, especially since Aries goes outside regularly! That's when we found the TICKLESS MINI DOG (insert *Adventure Cat*) CHEMICAL-FREE TICK AND FLEA REPELLENT. It works by emitting ultrasonic pulses that aren't recognized by humans or pets, but interfere with the ability of the parasites to orient themselves. We love that it is rechargeable, it is 94% effective (although, we've never seen another tick or flea since starting to use it 8 months ago), and that it is chemical-free.

"Do you add any supplements to Aries diet?"

We started adding a bit of Salmon Oil to his diet as a way of increasing his Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acid which helps aid hip, joint, heart, and immune function. We also added some Taurine powder which supports cardiovascular health, eye function, and normal vision. We recently found the PROFIVEX® FIVE STRAIN PROBIOTICS POWDER FOR DOGS & CATS which helps to support a healthy digestive tract by providing healthy bacteria to their diet! It also contains two prebiotics and Lactospore®, a patented probiotic strain that yields the best results for your pet’s digestion. We've begun to include it in Aries diet as a way to make sure he is in tip top shape and always ready for adventure!

We hope this answers some of your questions but if you have more, don't hesitate to reach out! You can find us on Instagram at @thehikelifecat or just shoot us an email at

We look forward to seeing you guys, out on a trail!

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